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Stephane Vallier

Stephane Vallier

Ingénieur Cloud DevOps

34 ans
Permis de conduire
Freelance En simple veille
Passionné de technologies et particulièrement du monde Open Source, je suis spécialisé en ingénierie système à philosophie DevOps. J'affectionne particulièrement les technologies à haute disponibilité axées sur la performance et la scalabilité.
Mon expérience et ma curiosité me permettent de m'adapter rapidement à tous types de contextes et à maîtriser rapidement les architectures les plus complexes.
Rigoureux et pragmatique, j'ai une vision globale du SI permettant une évolution technologique rapide en adéquation avec la sécurité de demain.
  • Conception and deployment Automation of an entire Data Project on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
    100% PaaS assets (Datalake ; Data Factory ; Databricks ; SQL Datawarhouse...)
  • Building of Continuous Integration using Azure DevOps
  • Automation scripts writing
  • Tests scenario writing
Description de l'entreprise
More than 3,000 heads of business are currently involved in our Group, Groupement Les Mousquetaires, bound by a sense of initiative, their conviction, their attachment to their local area and their desire to live “independently in interdependence.”

Each point of sale is managed by an independent business owner who is a stakeholder in the local socio-economic fabric. This unique organization set up both in France as well as beyond our borders and which we call associated trade, contributes significantly to the success of the Mousquetaires.

The business owners assume full responsibility for managing their point of sale. At the same time, they are in charge of the co-management of the Group. In concrete terms, a member dedicates two days per week to the management of a Group subsidiary. This operational supervision covers trade, supply, production units, logistics…

The entrepreneurs can also be shareholders of the Group, thus formally becoming “partner members” of Société les Mousquetaires.